How Zone V can help the over 50s access digital services

The Zone V vision is to provide accessible digital devices for the ageing population and those with disability. These devices can be used to support initiatives that are dependent on technology and focus on the wellbeing of the UK population

Digital inclusion and the NHSX plan

The recent launch of NHSX places the NHS at the forefront of digital technology development within public health care.

The aim of NHSX is ‘to create the most advanced health and care service in the world to diagnose diseases earlier, free up staff time and empower patients to take greater control of their own healthcare.’*

In order to achieve this goal, it is critical that the UK population can use these digital services.


The baby boomers

… in a recent survey it was found that 46% of over 50s find smartphones difficult to use – that’s 21 million people who are naturally part the NHS’ largest user group.*

Over 6 million – 30% of UK adults over 50 don’t own a smartphone at all.*

Simply, smartphones are designed for millennials and while there are accessible features, they are often difficult to find and try to enhance an existing user interface that is too complicated

*Populus 2016

The over 50s are an increasingly significant % of the population

Over 50s projected growth

ONS population projections, CEBR (Centre for Economic and Business Research) analysis

That’s why at Zone V we have created a solution that makes digital devices accessible – focussing on the over 50s and those with disabilities

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Zone V

Designed from the ground up with the over 50s in mind.

Core smartphone functions such as calls and text messages are made easy with big text and large buttons.

Apps such as the NHS App, WhatsApp and Facebook are easier to find and by default, the text is easier to read.

All running on the powerful and reliable Samsung device platforms

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Key Features


1. Easy access from the home screen

Access to apps is made easy with the simplified home page. The home page is easy to customise allowing any app including the NHS App to be placed front and centre – making it easy for older people to find it.

2. Large text for 3rd party apps by default

Text for any enabled 3rd party app is made larger by default making it easier for those with ageing eyesight or other eye conditions.

All Features

Core Applications



All of your app notifications in one place



Easy to read, simple to use text messaging



A contacts list that you can easily navigate


Your calendar displayed with clarity



Dialler, favourites, and call log all with large text



Clock and alarms - essential everyday tools

system settings

System Settings

All of the most commonly used system settings - made easy!

Additional Applications

quick contacts

Quick Contacts

Quick access to your favourite contacts from the home screen

Emergency Information

Easy to access information from your lock screen



A magnifier that uses the camera to increase the size of the image on the screen

Tutorial Videos

Videos that walk you through the software

3 visual profiles

3 Visual Profiles

Standard, dark and light modes that apply through the entire interface for optimal contrast and clarity

vibration response

Vibration Response

Vibration response that confirms each touch

System Wide Customisable Font Size

System Wide Customisable Font Size

Font size that can be increased or decreased and applies across all applications included 3rd party apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook* *3rd party app must have font sizing enabled